Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jericho - Mary Chapin Carpenter


"You can’t see me yet, seeing takes a long, long time.
From the outside in, measuring each shift and sound.
But as you let your eyes adjust to the darkness deep within,
Sifting through the ash and dust, we are the places that we’ve been.

And you can’t hear me yet, listening takes a long, long time.
And I’ve so much to tell, but words die on these lips of mine.
But in the stillness you may sense everything I long to say,
Unraveling like golden threads, the walls will all come down this way.

And you don’t know me yet, knowing takes a long, long time
And time is all we have, never travelling in straight lines.
So memorize each turn and twist, and just be careful as you go
For love is a labyrinth and my heart is Jericho."


  1. I am a huge Mary CC fan Annie. Stones in the Road ranks up there as one of my all time fave albulms. So gentle and mellow. This is a beautiful song. Melancholy undertones always do it for me especially when accompanies by such a gentle melody.

    I like how she reflects on the complexity of our hearts. We are none of us easy to know. Love you too Annie, take it easy. xx Jos

  2. That's an awesome song. I've never heard it. Love the last line best of all. xoxo

  3. I'm lost in the piano and her voice....


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