Monday, December 27, 2010

Scratch Like A Record Player

♫Scratch like a record player
listen to the music
yesterday should never play
in front of what you're doin'

Fight for everything
life won't be the same
cry when you feel the pain
open up your mind 'n sing.♫

(Thesis (Jordan) is my youngest son. He plays all the instruments on this piece, except guitar, and he wrote the tune. The lyrics to verses 2 and 4, along with the hook, are his. His friend, Jared, lost his mother in 1996...explaining the reference. The melancholy violin mixed with hip hop gives me shivers. No, it's not my style...but I can appreciate it. I love that he writes. And it's damn true....yesterday should never play in front of today. Every day is day one.)

Tell me,
all the things we missed
when we saw your beautiful face
and parked
on the surface