Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Don't Give Up - Calling Glory

These lyrics are powerful. They made me cry. I do not expect. I have learned that help is not coming, at least that is my experience. I remember sitting across the kitchen table from a friend of ours and him saying those exact words. "Annie. No one is coming." It was up to me. But I will concede that perhaps I cannot see help, accept help, or acknowledge it has arrived. I can concede now that there are things about myself that could change, although I haven't much hope that they will. But just the "could" is an improvement for me.

Baby steps. I am condemned to baby steps. I think that might be my consequence for wishing I would never be old.


  1. Nice!

  2. OH! I'm crying too!!

    I'm reaching across these States to give you a hug and the help is inside of you, Annie. Yes we all wish that for some magical outcome to happen but with your baby steps you will find yourself in front of the door.

    I love your post!

  3. Theres a word in that song that I have come to love. The word is Surely.

    Surely-Without any doubt

    So It says that "Help is 'without any doubt'on its way"
    so dont give up.


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