Saturday, September 1, 2012

Drunken Poet's Dream - Ray Wylie Hubbard

I want to be sitting around a campfire with this guy and the beat up old Martin he bought from the shady pawn shop on Fifth and Greer. The name of the song hooked me, but it's his "ancient-ness", or something like that, that makes me keep watching and listening. I think he's lived it all. I'll bet his guitar could tell tales.


  1. Fuck, I'm a gonna fight you tooth & nail for this guy. I'm in love!!!! I needed this, my Annie. You always come through. ;-) xoxo

    "I'm gonna get me some mescaline and then I'm gonna rhyme it with gasoline....." AWESOME!!

    1. Well, it's almost like if they say "POET" in the song title, you know it's good :)

      Have you listened to Van Morrison's "Poetic Champions Compose" CD? If not, let me know and I'll send you a (shhhhh) bootleg.

  2. You're so sweet to me. I just completely stole your post today. :-( And then you offer me a bootleg present. That's why I love you. I'd LOVE a bootleg CD of anything by Van Morrison. (Speaking of Ray's, mine was looking over my shoulder as I read this blog and he said, "Is that our Annie at that piano?" I replied, "Yes, the very same." And he said, "She sure looks HOT!!!") Tee-hee. He's got such a crush.

    Then I invited Angela and her Mom over last month and Angela got out of bed in her pj's wearing a thin top and (she has really nice boobs) we sat around the table in our pj's almost all day making beads and talking. Every time she talked to Ray, I could tell it was taking EVERY OUNCE of willpower he had to NOT look down at her nice tits. I think he broke a sweat once. LOL!!!! When they left, Ray said, "Marion, I tried so hard to look her straight in the eye, but her nipples were just awesome!" LMAO! I'd have been worried if he had NOT noticed them. Anyhoo, it was hilarious. Poor Ray, my ass.

    I hope you get to laze around on Labor Day. Yes, we do need a nice good long girl's night out. Love you!!! xo

  3. Ray! Gotta love that guy. He holds nothing back...except his eyeballs :)
    Bootleg coming up dear friend.


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