Saturday, January 21, 2012

Superstition / Isn't She Lovely

(Two of my favorite tunes. Which cover do you prefer?)


  1. I think I liked the second better. I had a subconscious reaction of doubt that I'm not proud of seeing him initially. It turns out he really blew me away.

    1. Your right. I had the same initial feeling that this was going to be something shy of Karaoke guitar. But he's really good!!! I just can't watch him. in my perfect world, the first guy (who seems to wear his guttural reaction to the song on his sleeve, would be watched with the sound of Igor (who seems much less least visually....attached to the song.) Interesting.

    2. Okay...I just listened to them again. What I like about the first guy, is not necessarily his skill (although he friggin has it) it's that he feels the music the way I do. When I listen to him....I would have pronounced all the beats he did..and the rhythm would have been ultra important (and seems to be over Igor who is a classically trained guitarist and it shows in the way he relates to the music. I don't know. They are both good. But I'm going with Adam because I would've played it that way if I had any skill at all!

  2. Hard to bet against Igor, he's very very talented technically. But I see your point about 'feeling' the music, the first guy definitely had a nice physical musicality to his performance.

  3. Given the other covers of superstition that flapping their wings out there on the web...
    I'd choose Presnyakov too.

    But that said, although I've come across him a number of times in recent history. He's never hooked me with his music. It's pretty, it's clean, it's impressive, and ultimately, to my palate, it's flavorless.

    Funny how relative taste can be. : j


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