Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dreamin' - Jordan Stevenson

I am a novice at iMovie and couldn't figure out how to make one photo extend through the entire song, so I just kept adding pictures of my son until his song ended (which he will surely hate)! We went to tour the Los Angeles Film and Recording School two days ago. For a couple hours that evening Jordan and his buddy Thomas fooled around writing and editing some music. It was an education and I am in awe of both of them. This version is "rough" and" unfinished" and "Gee Mom, it's nowhere near done!"

There are five layers to the high hat.
It is these layers that make it BOOOSHHHH
and your heart along with it in rhythmic synchronicity.

And from a recording they take as much as they add
such a delicate balance
of surgical extraction and masterful enhancement.
Much must be stripped away
before layer upon layer can be applied to the canvas of sound.

He loves the minor keys.
Of course he would.
My fluid is the river on which he entered this world.

A whistle sounds in the distance.
He knows it's pitch...
can replicate it two weeks from now if necessary.

I stand amazed


  1. Wow, strong family resemblance... On more than one level, judging from what you've written. ; j

  2. What a beautiful, awesome song!! I think you did a super job on the photos. It was very touching and well done, my Annie. xoxo

  3. He's not real thrilled about the resemblance thing, but for me it's a compliment!

  4. Beautifully written, both of you!

  5. what fabulous music. i love it. somehow, after meeting you and jordan, i knew i would love his music. i will listen to this again soon. looking forward to finding more. and yes, be beaming proud, you made him:)

  6. i've listened to this several times, so far:)


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