Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Needtobreathe New Album - THE RECKONING

Needtobreathe is one of my all time favorite bands, as previously noted. THEY HAVE A NEW ALBUM !!!(clap clap clap) called the Reckoning. I love every track, as I have on every album they have ever put out. (Is it wrong to still call them albums? Whatev...) They have such a diverse sound. On A Place Only You Can Go there is a moment that almost goes bagpipe and organ. On Maybe They're On To Us the feel turns Maroon 5. There are blues tracks, and country influences. Needtobreath is like a box of chocolates (cue Forrest Gump). But their lyrics are never banal. The posted excerpt from their own website is a good explaination of why.

♫There's a host of hurts we come across
None of which alike
From the air inside the birthing room
To the darkness where we die
Though I feel I'm just as strong as any man I know
I'm not able on my own

Carry round the secrets
Only heaven knows
Crawl into our darkened rooms where only victims go
Though I feel I'm strong enough to carry all this load
I'm not able on my own

All my actions, false or true
Selfish motives I will use
We were born with knives in hand
Trained to kill our fellow man
If we're not better than the rest
How will children do their best
Find your patience, find your truth
Love is all we have to lose

I'm not able on my own♫


“There was always this creeping reminder that we needed to show what the last ten years on the road had taught us. If we couldn't do that, everything we had worked for was meaningless.”

“We considered every note, every sound, and every lyric that went on this album,” Bo says of their fourth album The Reckoning, which was co-produced by the band with Rick Beato (who worked with the band on their records The Heat and The Outsiders), and was recorded over seven months mostly at their Plantation Studios in Charleston, SC. “Everything was put through the ‘Do we really believe in this or not,’ filter. We never settled. We were looking for a spark. Sometimes in the studio you’ve got to keep searching until something happens that feels magical. We were waiting for that moment to strike on each song before we called this album finished.” Bear adds, “At one point, we had done 10 different versions of the same song, but that process is what the record came to be about. We felt like no one could take this moment from us. I think you can feel the pressure we put on ourselves in every note of this record. The songs and the album became something much bigger than us ... something we had to live up to.”

Lyrically, all roads lead from the album’s title, which Bear says has several different meanings, one of them being the justification of accounts. “I like the idea that you put in all this work and at some point it comes to a peak -- that’s the reckoning time.”

What the band emerged with is a timeless-sounding album rooted in classic American rock and roll, unafraid to veer off into unexpected directions. Songs such as “Maybe They’re On To Us” address the paranoia of wondering whether people know too much about the band. “It also asks, ‘Are we still driven in the same way?’ We’re always questioning ourselves,” Bear says. Even the songs that may sound light-hearted on the surface, like “White Fences,” “Slumber,” and “Drive All Night,” explore serious themes. “’White Fences’ is about the American dream of growing up in a big house with a white picket fence, but when the dream is broken and things don’t pan out the way you planned, asking who’s going to fix it,” Bo says. “’Slumber’ is meant to be about how beauty is all around you but you just can’t see it because of the funk you’re in,” Bear says. “It speaks to something that we really care about which is giving yourself a chance.” And there’s “Drive All Night,” a galloping barnstormer that Bear sees as a statement on the false idea that one can run away from one’s problems. “The truth is, the more you run away, the worse it gets, whereas if you embrace the things around you, the more joy you’re going to have,” he says.


  1. Awesome music, Annie. Thank you SOOOO much for the beautiful card and the surprise. You made my day, sweet lady. Love & Hugs!! xo

  2. I love a good, soulful voice. Also, lyrics. "We were born with knives in hand Trained to kill our fellow man"

    Hope I didn't upset you with the post I made today. Was worried I did.

  3. Marion - Glad you liked it my Southern Friend.

    Ben - Hell no, I wasn't upset at all. You'll need to try a lot harder than that :) Yes, those gritty soulful voices get to me right "here". Third Day, and well...I suppose my entire BLUES playlist would fall into that category. I liked the retro tracks playing on your blog. A perfect little playlist for wine by candle light.

  4. I love it I love it, it's wonderful, I hate blogger 'cause it won't take my name so here I be anonymous

  5. I will be looking for this CD.


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