Friday, September 16, 2011

Jack and White - Telephone Games (Live Acoustic)

Brooke White (a beauty school drop out - cue Grease soundtrack) was first seen on American least by me. I liked her voice. I didn't really think about her after that until I checked out her first album release High Hopes and Heartbreak. I wasn't particularly impressed, or should I say nothing made an impression on me, as I chose not to download any of the songs and can't remember them.

Brooke was blindly set up for a song writing session with Jack Matranga, who was born and raised in Sacramento, CA...a mere 45 minutes from me! He had formed an Indie pop-rock band that I never heard of (shock!) "They were to co-write a song for what was supposed to be Brooke’s next solo record. The pair had no expectations and minimal knowledge of each other’s history, musical or otherwise. But they found an almost instantaneous creative chemistry and spent the first hour just talking, sharing their influences and favorite songs. In just a few short hours, JACK AND WHITE penned their first tune.

This collection of songs that has been described as “reminiscent of the Buckingham/Nicks pairing of the 70's.” With Jack’s luminous guitar picking and Brooke’s warm airy vocal style, the two have harmonized to create something completely modern and relevant, yet classic sounding."

While the pair are both happy upbeat types, I took an instant shine to the title track of their collaborative EP, Gemini, which straddles the fence between shadow and sunshine. But what I love most about this album is the under produced quality of it. It sounds as if I could be sitting in their garage listening to a practice session. The more I listen to these six songs, the more I love them. I would have liked to hear Jack on lead. I haven't a clear shot at his voice yet, and for equal billing in the name, he sure doesn't get equal vloume in the lyrics, though they blend beautifully.

♫My friends, your friends
Everybody's whispering
The same old telephone games.

High school is over
We don't grow up
No we just get older
Such a shame.

And we can't shake it.
Is there any truth behind what
They are saying, babe?

I'm here, you're there
Talk is cheap, it's everywhere.
Denial eases the pain.

But when the summer turns to fall
I won't be waiting for your call.
I'm only holding on, holding on
For so long.
You've got me holding on...
On the line.

It's the talk of the town
Has my heart turned upside down.
The same old telephone games.

Send a message thru the wire
Set the rumor mill on fire.
Watch it burn up in flames.

And I believe, when I see
You standing in front of me
Eye-to-eye, face-to-face.

Are you lovin someone new?
Has a change of heart changed you?
Maybe I'm going insane.♫


  1. This is quite musically promiscuous! Sorry, couldn't resist the name drop. Buut a great song, and insight by you, the blogger artist. I think her voice is pretty good on its own, although they definitely have chemistry.

  2. I like this one. I love her voice.

  3. For a second I thought Jack White split by mitosis. This was nice though. Never heard of them.

  4. Great song, Annie. I liked her for being barefooted and for those mason jar candles. Him for the hat. Good stuff for a Saturday morn. Love you!!!! xo

  5. in fact I will listen to it again later as a treat after I've done my 45 min jogging and cleaning up the house yuk!

  6. Thanks for listening you guys! I'm working on an interview with a heavy metal band. That oughta be an interesting post. Not one of my favorite genre's, but I try and keep an open mind. Every type of music has it's place and I have been in a metal place, and will be again. Anyway...met these guys in a bar want to give them some all 6 people who actually listen to these things :) but I do what I can!

  7. She's gorgeous.



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