Monday, April 25, 2011

Third Day - Make Your Move

♫I'm looking around here for some kind of miracle
I'm looking around here for some kind of sign
I gotta believe there's a rhyme and a reason
For the faith that you find

And if you care to share a minute of your time with me
Tell me now because I am hoping that I can believe
Give me a reason to trust what you're telling me
Lord knows I need it now, won't you show me how.♫

(I'm kind of laughing today. Brought some friends to church on Easter which is always an hour long experience of "What are they thinking of this?" going off in my crazy brain. But there was a dance number...the first ever in our Uprising by Muse. Our preacher wore jean shorts and no shoes, as is typical for him. My "show them how" is I'm sure way different than anything they were expecting.)

I keep getting in trouble for copyright infrigement. Who knows if the music will actually stay on you can hear it here!


  1. Learned something new about you :))

  2. Travis - Pray tell...what might that be?


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