Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rise - Josh Bray

♫Listen to the wind
as it blows from the East
how it drives all the fear from your mind
skip on your feet
and let your soul be complete
as you leave this old city behind

Rise from your knees
and do exactly as you please
don't let anyone here
tell you not to fly
speak clearly your mind
I think then you will find
this is truth
know that this ain't no lie

You were the secret that we told to the sea
and the sea don't believe human lies
turn on your heels and let your fate be revealed
let it shine like a light in your eyes

These are days that roll on by
These are memories of a time
and of a place that you don't deny

So lay me down here
where there's nothing more to fear
said the hope
that you fed me this time
listen to the sin
as it blows in the wind
I wanna scream
I wanna curse them out loud

Rise from my knees
crack my back in this feed
and that's a sound that'll make you right proud
so clearly you'll find
theres a love in my mind
and no lie that ever wrapped in a shroud

I was there with you
I helped you along
I ain't had such a good time
for so long.♫

(Just found this artist about a month ago. I love also 'Hard Living' from the same album Whisky & Wool released March 13, 2011)


  1. I love this oh my gosh

  2. Me too! Really like the lyrics. His voice don't hurt 'neither :)

  3. Did someone say "whiskey?"


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