Friday, April 29, 2011

Industry - Jon McLaughlin

♫This is me on my knees singing take it all from me, take it all
Speak to my needs, my needs, take it all, just take it all
This is me.

So the crowd gets quiet and I start to play
And I think they're buying what I've got to say
But to my defiance the music fades
And we all sit silent and I crawl back inside
Because it wasn't supposed go this bad.

When you fall silent I start to fall.♫

(We strike out to conquer, to do a thing, our thing, our desire and design. Hell if we don't f*ck it up most of the time. We turn around, begin again, sighing out...."i want i want i want" and the universe does not concur. We turn around, begin again, dizzy now with the whipping of our heads, the ping pong of want and reality, of need and purpose. Finally to say, "Take it. Everything I wanted. I'm tired. TAKE IT", and then perhaps, to find our hands full and our mouths overflowing with the unexpected.)


  1. spectacular...and I didn't listen just read what's in the hit me....will the video, change its impact?

  2. awesome! just what i needed to hear - thank you, never heard this or the artist before but soooo what i needed to hear right now - THANK YOU!

  3. Amazing song, Annie. xoxo

  4. Forgetmenow - I love music. I love to share it. Thank you so much for stopping by!

    Marion - ((Hug)). I ain't your crush :) But it is good!

    Lorraine - This time, I don't think so. This song really is about his reconning with his ability, and the public arena with which he shares it...what rejection feels like. How to get back up after that. But to HEAR it, is awesome. Sometimes the video is so far different from my interpretation of the HEARING.

  5. Yes you're right, it's a good soong...still prefer the in brackets but the song doesn't take away frm it, Supreme MP

  6. AnonymousMay 02, 2011

    Just window shopping.


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