Thursday, April 2, 2015

Speeches - Walk off the Earth

I don't think this video will play, but you can search it out on your own here! Love the harmonies, and  I have always rooted for the underdog so this plays into my emotional wheelhouse!

"The second snow was heaven sent
You laid it out like evidence
Read all the words you never said
Like speeches for the president
I drew your name in wet cement
Made promises in reverence
To save them for your reference
A victim of my circumstance

But oh when you lay your hands on me
I know that I can heal
There's a blinding light
That no one else can see
Nobody no nobody but me
Oh oh oh oh ooh oh
Nobody no nobody but me
Oh oh oh oh ooh oh
Nobody no nobody but me

The signatures did finalize
Our pens had found the bottom line
The past that had me paralyzed
And all my future analyzed
Do you think we got it right?
The world will disagree this time
Will it turn a wicked tide?
Or be a ghost that keeps us up at night?

Will I never know your name
Cause I wanna know
Did you ever care to say
That you want me?
That's all I wanted"

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  1. I agree about harmonies and yes the video did play. Thanks for finding this song!


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