Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In or Out - Matthew Mayfield

30 year old Matthew Mayfield is from Birmingham AL. Known for his captivating, emotional and brutally honest live performances, Matthew has toured nationwide, including special dates with The Civil Wars, Pete Yorn, Switchfoot, Sister Hazel and Will Hoge, amongst many others. His latest album Irons In The Fire (released in 2013) contains two of my new favorite songs: In or Out, and Fire Escape.  They both hit me somewhere between the heart and the gut.


  1. That is quite the song Annie, i rarely listen to music since i got kicked out of my house after 14 years, lost my sweetest cat, and listen to songs i love tear me apart brings me back to where i was at peace and happy...Here in an apt, full of people, I can't put music on, because I wouldn't stop crying....I'm glad that music helps although even that can sometimes be in a knife in the heart, hang in there xo although my address is google I do have a blog, it's now called Out of Sight L, but it's on google if you want to check it out I'm a grandma, imagine that ;) stay well ok?

    1. Isn't that odd Lorraine! I have had the same reaction to music since my separation and ultimately divorce. The very thing that brought me so much joy suddenly caused only sadness and pain. So I stopped listening. I hope the joy comes back. I'm certainly striving for it. I'm so sorry for all you've been through. But Grandma!!!! How wonderful. I looked at the photos on your blog. Such a beautiful kiddo. Keep your head up. So nice to hear from you :)

  2. oh and my life story you'd find in almost every songs of Adele, especially fire to the rain.........You are still so young so beautiful, you can have a great Love I wish it for you, I'm a loner at heart, so apart from the obvious needs I'd rather be alone . I don't trust men, not anymore, happened to often all promises broken....never a promise fulfilled it simply isn't worth it, not to me anyway. You know it would be great if a great rock'n roller would totally fall for you, you could listen to music again. I fell too fall down...I'm just hanging on..
    and I have a new cat because I thought it was my Sammi at first but it wasn't and I kept her because she was and they were going to put her down, finally after much money found out she had asthma, so something good came out of this....I do hope you find what you need, you deserve it, hang in there xo


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