Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June - Tyler Hilton

♫June, what you gonna do without me?
Soon, you're gonna have to move around me,
It's never what you wanted but it's been awhile coming,
Oh June, what you gonna do?

Throw your stones, if you need to take it out on me,
Don't you know, that's the way it's always gotta be,
There's no room, in the end your little fantasy,
Won't come true, that's so you,

June, I love the hats you wear to meet me,
But soon, you're gonna have to chose between me
And everything you wanted, girl you knew you had it coming,
Oh June, I said what you gonna do?

She screams and she cries and nobody cares,
She's never alone, she needs everyone there,
But she's not gonna get a reaction from me 'cause I let go,
And it's so hard to go.♫

(I love this song. I want to be left of center :)  I love this!. You'll have to listen to it on iTunes though because all the Youtube versions have bad sound quality.)


  1. I would probably to dear Hon. MP but all I hear is him talking about the song, even in the repeat put it on will 'ya

  2. I can't. There's no good recording of it on Youtube. You'll have to listen to the clip on iTunes or something and then buy it.


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