Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Hear Goodnight - Ingram Hill

♫Well I closed my eyes this mornin'
Last night to me and my friends
Found myself spinnin' once again
Telephone rings for me
Still dirty from the day before
Feel the day's gonna leave me wantin' more

Gonna need some time
Let the night unwind
Face down on the floor
Like a drug you take
Fillin' in my fates
It's killin' me to know
I'm dyin for more

Annie you've never been good for me
But I still wanna be wrong
I said too much and now you're gone
And Annie you've never been true to me
But I still buy your lies
Tell me why when you say goodbye
I hear goodnight

Well I drove down every alley
Wore the shine off these old shoes
Shouldn't hurt this much when there nothin' to lose

I tell myself a story
I hang on every line
What if you adored me
Would I still be so blind
Every single time?♫

(Another Annie song :-(   Gotta start wondering about the name! I hate the name Ann. It is so boring and lacking in personality. Vanilla. I suppose Ann-marie would have been fine (which is my given name). I went with Annie, for some unknown latent reason. (oh I remember...) Are there songs about Kate? Carlie? Am I just aware because the name is I am aware of FourNineteen? )

three letters

who can absolve me
in one vowel?


  1. Great song, Annie. I love your name. Try being named Marion. I get called everything from Mary to Marie to Mary Ann, but never Marion. LOL! xoxo

  2. Now that ain't true. I call you Marion. I call you MY Marion :)

  3. even though its a common name.. I really like ann :)

  4. My attention right on is zilch no concnetration seems to only thing that gets through is FEFE Dobson, and for weird rasons Elton John's you were alwasymy original sin....>>>>>>>

  5. Love the song, Annie,Annie what have you been up to? very nice

    ps not that it matters here but I'tve re-opened windows, you can post or just visit or ignore it entirely ;)


  6. make not mistake, mine today about you


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