Monday, May 16, 2011

I Need To Know - Kris Allen

♫Life's been blinding me
From what I thought I'd see
Is there clarity in this insanity?
What's she want from me?

Roads in front of me
Taking me astray
Are you leaving me?
Or are you leading the way?
Can you hear what I'm sayin'?

Feel like I'm tryin' to breathe under water
Tryin' to climb but I keep fallin' farther
Will you take my hand?

Feel so far away
Want to see your face
Are you leaving me?
Can you show me?
Can you make me believe?

I need to know...♫

(Seems great acting to sing this so compellingly but not have lived it. Yet Justin Nozuka did just that in Save Him. It was not his experience, yet Save Him was the only song during which I have ever had to pull over on the side of the freeway and give it my full attention. Pieces of my heart were missing after that song, and will always litter HWY 99.)

I've been everything you sought
and nothing you needed
I've held to the fabric that wove you
laid you out flat
reshaped into the same rigid box
no smaller, or bigger in the disservice.

Through the ringer
of an unbalanced Maytag.

I needed to know...


  1. Some songs require such... a commitment from the soul of the performer... I don't know how they are able to continuously make it happen...


  2. it's tragic, compelling, heart-wringing and beautiful and I have to look at it again, later, too distracteld by Friday Night's Light...and gorgeous coach (Kyle Chandler)

  3. Shoes - Committment is a good word. Better than acting, though I still think it takes a good dose of that to pull it off.

    Lorraine - Yep. Agreed.

    I'm really REALLY trying to find a happy song I like to post here. I don't write much happy and I don't listen to it either. I'm a melancholy sort and can't seem to help myself. There must be a happy song in my playlist somewhere...but it hasn't shown itself on shuffle. Perhaps a more personal investigation is in order. *sigh*

  4. brings it all home doesn't it...all sorrow


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