Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fat Bottom Girls - Antigone Rising

Ha! I forgot....I DO have a happy song! Love this version so much better than Queen (sorry to die hard fans to whom I have just offended) but this version simply rocks! It must be played loud with your best girl friends!



  1. OMG, my THEME song!!!!! LOL! I love it!! xoxoxo

  2. Um....Marion (dearest)...that is MY theme song! Awww shucks! I suppose we can share :)

    You'll come to my birthday and dance it with me next year, won't ya????

  3. I LOVE this version... I have NEVER heard it before...

    You are right... this DOES sound good LOUD!!!

    Crank this Mother UP!!!


  4. OH yeah, say it say it loud, let's dance us big bottom it!

  5. Shoes - Some songs just can't be quiet! They are not background. They are main event songs. This is one of my all time favorites. I found it in an album called Killer Queen (all covers) at the Dollar Store! This one song was worth every damn penny.

    Lorraine - Ain't it great! I see you dancing. I see you Lorraine :)


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