Monday, March 21, 2011

Beautiful Like You - Lee DeWyze

♫Everybody wants to
look into the mirror
feel a little better now

And everybody wants to
know there's someone out there
waiting for you to come around

And I wish that
You could feel it
But you don't choose
To believe it
Cause I know that
You can't see it that way
That way

If you could only just stop stop stop running
If you could only take a second to breath it in
Everything that you know would be beautiful...♫


  1. I like this very much, also like Scotty (for his voice) and bearded guy for putting songs on fire..;)

  2. This song makes me cry...but all songs do at the moment. I love Lee DeWyze. Scotty on Idol? We call the bearded guy Chris Cringle...but his name is Casey Abrams. He'll win. That's my prediction.

  3. I know Casey just burns with the song, it's spectacular, it's just that Scotty's voice, I love

    and sometimes just when you think that there are no parts left in your heart that hasn't been broken, you find there is ..I wish I could cry, instead Idance, dance with me :)

  4. Aparna - Thanks for stopping by. It's a great song!


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