Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Track You Down - Matthew Mayfield

This one is "fat and dirty"...a description I give to this vibe. Matthew Mayfield is an American singer-songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama. Originally the lead singer in the group Moses Mayfield, which disbanded in 2008,[1]Matthew has moved on to a solo career. He announced the release of his debut EP, titled The Fire EP on August 25, 2008.[2]
Not long after the band broke up, lead singer Matthew Mayfield started playing shows centered around the Birmingham, AL area, usually solo acoustic but occasionally with a new backing band. Within a year, he independently released an album of acoustic songs, including acoustic versions of songs that previously appeared on The Inside. He also revealed that Moses Mayfield called it quits mainly due to disagreements with the record label, as well as some members deciding they wanted to leave the band due to these disagreements. A combination of those two items led to the sudden break-up.
He has toured with two of my favorites....Needtobreath and Will Hoge. "Open Road" is still by far my favorite of his!

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