Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eastmountainsouth - Show Me The River

(Sorry about the video. All I had was my choice of two equally sappy videos!)

"I've been a traveler of far away lands
I've got love on my mind, but death on these hands
come homeward angel, show me the way
or will fate leave me dead in the tracks where I lay

show me the river that leads to my home
back to the one that I love
show me the wind that constantly blows
and I will fly away, fly away home

since we were parted I know I have changed
you'll see the blood that was shed in the lines on my face
but now that I've turned my back on the fight
I'm gonna steal back my life like a thief in the night

I come to you through fire and snow
over high rolling hills and the valleys below
with all that I've suffered I'm still on this road
and if I hold you again will never let go."


  1. I read through the lyrics and was like "wow, I hope a great voice can back these up." I wasn't disappointed!

  2. no worries I love every thing about Meredith and Derek...although that kind of love, it's gotta be said, pure fantasy...nice song

  3. @ Ben - The voice is so important. Otherwise, might as well just be a poem.

    @ Lorraine - I stopped watching Grey's. I stopped watching most things. This last year it's just seemed like a waste of time.

    @ Stephen - Agreed! Super nice.


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