Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Medicine - Tab Benoit

I think I was born in a shack on the bayou.
I've memories of it
small wooden porch
creak of a rocking chair
the gentle sway of a lantern
crickets so loud they drown out sorrow
or are sorrow
or eat sorrow.

My eyes are the color of silt
and I've the scent of the water in my hair.

They keep telling me
I was born and raised inland
a city dweller
but I cannot reconcile the fact

I do not live where I ought.

My soul has never lived here.

♫I’m losing my mind, babe, the worse things happen I fear
Begging for mercy, there ain’t no connection out here
I’m getting sick of these things that’s going on
My fever’s high, my nights are long
One more shot to do me in

Bring me my medicine
Bring me my medicine

A hard times are holding me against y will
I’m so tired that I can’t find my flip
I’m stuck in the middle of the right and wrong
I don’t know what keeps me hanging on
Baby, can’t you see what a shape I’m in?

Bring me my medicine
Bring me my medicine

It/s so good when medicine hits my vein
just one time and I ain’t never been the same
People try to find out what’s the deal
All I know is how it makes me feel
Maybe this is pushing incomprehensible

Oh bring me my medicine
Bring me my medicine baby♫

Tab Benoit

("Tab Benoit (born November 17, 1967, Baton Rouge, Louisiana) is an American blues guitarist, musician and singer. He plays a style that is a combination of blues styles, including Chicago blues. He plays a Fender Telecaster electric guitar and writes his own musical compositions.

A guitar player since his teenage years, he hung out at the Blues Box, a music club and cultural center in Baton Rouge run by guitarist Tabby Thomas. Playing guitar alongside Thomas, Raful Neal, Henry Gray and other high-profile regulars at the club, Benoit learned the blues first-hand from a faculty of living blues legends. He formed a trio in 1987 and began playing clubs in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. He began touring other parts of the south two years later and started touring more of the United States in 1991- and he continues to this day.Tab is also featured in the IMAX film, Hurricane on the Bayou.")

ACK! I gotta see that movie!


  1. WOW love the song, love the man woo hooo and bring your baton rouge ;) I've always had a weakling for Louisiana, but I can't stand the heat, gosh he's HOT

  2. Down girl! Tee hee. He's probably been photoshopped :)

  3. He not only plays a Telecaster... he plays the HELLa outta that Telecaster...

    Last time I saw him, he broke a string... he kept playing while a roadie brought another one out... slug it around his neck... and he played until a natural break in the song occurred... before he pulled the cable... he doesn't get the credit he deserves...


  4. PS: Not photoshopped... I've met him before... that looks pretty much like him...


  5. Shoes - You name dropper! I can't believe you actually got to meet him, and that story about the guitar string is pretty incredible. I love the guys music, absolutely LOVE it! I only discovered him about two weeks ago. Can you believe it?

  6. There is SO much great music around... Are you familiar with The Squirrel Nut Zippers??


  7. I don't mind, a little ugly can be sexy


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