Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chris Rice Hallelujah

(This song has never failed to make me cry. Not once. I couldn't find a good rendering on YouTube, so I created this one. Some of the photos are my own, but I wanted also to include the struggle, as I believe there can be praise in the most desperate of places. I try, never to be overtly spiritual in any of my blogs. I suppose I fear being pigeon holed. I am as broken as the fractured, as disconcerted as the lost, as confused as the feeble minded, and as desolate as the heart broken. And yet...I seek)

♫The pulse of life within my wrist
a fallen snow, a rising mist
there is no higher place than this.♫
I have never been
so lost
as now
with nothing but
the reach
of my hand

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